May 2, 2012 § 3 Comments

Each action, each choice, each aspect of our lives possesses a deep simplicity.   What we see as the complexity of things only serves to obscure that simplicity.   If we can keep to the simple, we will be better off.

Okay, that sounds good and when you are sitting peacefully reading this passage, it even seems possibly true.  But then you turn away and the world comes crashing in.  You begin to plan your day, the mental list of important tasks arises and grows.  As you turn to the first thing at hand, another thing interrupts you.  You get busier and busier, the pace of life accelerates, plans come undone.  Pretty soon, the crush of cascading events and obligations washes away that conception of simplicity.

In our personal relationships, a similar process arises.   “It’s complicated” has become a common description of our relationships with others.  Thus, we question our relationships, we wonder why the person we care about seems often so maddening to us, we wonder about their feelings toward us.  But here too we will be better to keep to the simple.   Underneath what seems a complex and changing set of emotions is the simple essence of love.

We manufacture the complexity we see in the world.  We create the sense of busyness and frustration in our lives, as we create the idea of complication in our personal relationships.  Even the most task-filled day consists of only one thing at a time.  Even what seems a difficult relationship is grounded in the feeling that you care about the other person.  Simple.

Even knowing this, we will still often feel anxiety about the busy day ahead and may sometimes have moments of doubt about our relationships with those we love, of course.  But if we can recall that those emotions are a product of our busy minds and that they obscure the essential simplicity, we may yet return to the simple, where we belong.

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§ 3 Responses to Simple

  • michaelpinto says:

    We are too often consumed by complicated events, to do lists, tasks, emails, calls, messages. It is time to recognize the importance of one at a time. It is time to slow down and appreciate what we have, who we are, and where we are going. You’re completely right, WE, create complexity. We should start with simple and end there. Great article! I loved it and will look forward to more!

    • Thomas Ross says:


      Thanks for taking the time to read the “Simple” post and offer your thoughtful comment. If you go to the page again, you can click on the “follow” button on the top right side and you’ll get an email whenever I post new stuff.

      I visited your page- very interesting, like the TOT phenomena idea. Didn’t see a “follow” button there but will check again.


      Tom Ross

      • michaelpinto says:

        Presque Ve was an older blog I did, currently, I am using Thanks, Thomas, I’m currently following your blog.

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