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I have written often of struggle and effort.   I have seen my life as a constant state of struggle to achieve and hold some particular way of being.  Finding what I suppose to be peace but then feeling it slip away.

Never mind, try harder, I think. You will get there.

But this seems all wrong to me now. The effort and struggle, which I saw as worthy, even ennobling, is actually taking me away from what I seek. As though I am swimming towards a boat that moves further away the harder I stroke.

I must simply accept that I will sometimes be anxious, angry, or sad. I will feel lost and unworthy. My busy mind will fill my head with colliding illusions. This will not end.

What must end is the judgment that I attach to those feelings- and hence to myself.   The sense of dissatisfaction I feel in those turbulent moments, the weight of trying to will my way back to that imagined other place, and the corrosive sense of failure that I attach to my efforts.

Each moment exists just as it is, perfect in its imperfection, as exquisite in its pain as in its joy.

And so I will put away the illusion of my quest.

Let the weight of my task fall away.

Stop seeking and simply let what I seek arise.

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§ 12 Responses to Arise

  • Vicki says:

    Great post.

    I found as soon as I stopped fighting (the pain and anger) a few years ago, it suddenly receded into the background and stopped being at the forefront of my daily grindstone.

    Life mellowed and started to be more peaceful and calm.

    Accepting that what will be, will be and learning to stop trying to tame the world is the most important part of the practice.

  • What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing this and for being so vulnerable and honest. I appreciate your perspective and that you took the time to also read and follow what I, too, have to say on these things. Peace and Joy.

  • ♡eM says:

    Me too! I will continue to practice this with patience and gentleness.

  • brendamarroy says:

    Dear Tom,
    Everything you seek, you already have and are. I appreciate the wisdom you have in letting it be. It is a challenge to all to quit back-pedaling the the delicately flowing water of life. The hard part of the journey is accepting and loving the water as it is, trusting each moment is perfect.

    You are a good and honorable soul and I salute you, your path, and the truth you speak. Namaste.

  • Each moment is perfect indeed, good, bad and ugly. Life is about all of it. Not just joy and contentment. ALL OF IT. Wonderful that you see this. If you do as you say and embrace each and every moment because you’re not sure the next one as human will even come, I promise you, life and all it’s imperfections will be so perfect you’ll barely be able to stand it! XO Sheri

  • dadirri7 says:

    Everything is perfect just as it is, no matter what our mind tries to tell us, accepting and resting in that is the key, thank you Tom ❤

  • Know your truth, speak your truth and live your truth. When you know and live in your truth, you will find clarity and inner peace. There is no judgment of your true nature. It is who you are.

    (This is part of the message I received for next week’s post)…don’t you just love the synchronicity of life. Be well.

  • julienmatei says:

    The pathless path…

    Being is no destination…;)

  • Love this expressional piece-like a piano, there are black and white keys. White follows the black just as the black follows the white. Dissonance will ebb and flow.

  • Wonderful post Tom.

  • In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    These thoughts found their way onto my journal page just an hour ago, now here you are…bringing further reflection of my Truth. It is sooooooooo….difficult to release striving. It’s conditioned into us. Even in mindfulness, we want to be the best. But this too, is part of the journey…knowing that we are still filtering through an old lens.

  • Well put. It is all so fleeting. Thanks Tom.

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