Evening on the Porch

May 5, 2013 § 20 Comments

Sitting on the covered back porch in the evening.  The rain is pounding out its staccato beat as it slides off the metal roof hitting the deck beside me.

The forest has darkened in its recesses.  The tall pines slightly and rhythmically swaying.  The beat of the rain rises and falls.

The green of the leaves has a less vibrant but somehow richer color in this muted light.  The pieces of sky I see through the trees are glowing with the last light of day.

The wind, the rain, the rustling pines.

Whatever troubled me, whatever busy thoughts occupied me, all wash away.

Just sitting here.  Alone and not alone.

Feeling the natural rhythm of life in this place.

Feeling the immense peace and gratitude.

Lucky me.



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