Too Much

November 17, 2012 § 21 Comments

What are the words that might capture the brilliance of this morning?  If they exist, who could find them?

I experience first the air.  Crisp air that fills my body with its energy as I breathe it in.

The white heavy dew lying across the fields.  The trees, stark and strong against the sky, standing mostly denuded but with a few clinging leaves that the emerging sun lights up like golden lanterns.

Closing my eyes, I feel the stillness, the quiet- and then a light wind across my face.

And that sky.  A blue that the greatest artists could never recreate.  Existing above and around me, going on and on, with a beauty that I cannot possibly describe.

In this place and in this moment, I think- who could doubt the magic and wonder of existence?  What gift greater than just to be here, now?

But then for a moment, it feels like too much, more than I can bear.  So I breathe- I return to myself- and I know once again.

Not too much.  It is all just right.


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