The Peace That is Always There

July 12, 2012 § 10 Comments

I am heading back from a trail run.  It’s a gray and cold fall day.  As I cross a bridge, I can see my destination in the distance and the wind picks up, dead on and strong, lashing my face and making it feel as though I’m running through mush.  My legs are tired.  It’s getting late.

Someone I love is in pain.  I want to make it go away.  I can’t.  I can only be with her and try to stay present, letting her pain wash over me.

Testing moments.

Often the world sets a stage upon which it is easy to stay strong and centered.  A deserted beach in the early morning as the first colors of the sunrise paint the horizon.  All around is calm and beauty.

Much more often it seems the world around us is frantic and fretful.  A thousand things to do.  A thousand reasons to crank up the anxiety machine.   Pain and loss, wherever we turn.

When the wind turns around into our face, when we are confronted with pain that we can only accept, those are our testing moments.  Testing all that we believe.  Challenging our capacity to stay strong and centered.  Pushing us to the brink.

Standing on that beach as the sun rises, I just feel the peace.  In the presence of pain and loss, I must find and hold the peace.  Each moment though, whether amidst calm or storm, is precious.

The peace is there always.  We need only the strength to receive it.

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§ 10 Responses to The Peace That is Always There

  • Susan Cooper/ says:

    How true. Such a simple phrase “The peace is there always.  We need only the strength to receive it.”. I believe we can’t see or recieve it because we don’t trust it or think we are worthy.

  • Robyn Lee says:

    Strength and willingness to receive peace ~ yes, this is huge 🙂 Lovely narrative Thomas!

    • Thomas Ross says:

      Robyn, thanks. Your work- and life- are truly inspiring.

      • Hello Thomas…I really appreciate this blog. I feel like I am just beginning this journey, and likewise, communicating through blogs and getting to know this electronic world of connection. You have clearly been at this for awhile, and I was wondering if you have any advice for getting people interested in your blog? I have lots to learn and share, and I’m eager to grow this online community, and thought you might have some great ideas I could try.

  • Thank you Thomas…I love the beauty and simplicity in the last line especially: “The peace is there always. We need only the strength to receive it.”

    • Thomas Ross says:

      Thanks for the read and the reply. As I continue writing and reading, I too am drawn to the simple, the succinct. Leaving the space for others to find meaning.

  • Thank you for this post – I happen to just be experiencing the situation where someone I care for is in pain, and I can do little to help. Isn’t the first time I’m going through such situations – so much to worry about, so little time to do all that needs to be done. Indeed a test of all that we believe in. I am in search now for the peace I failed to find or hold three years ago. This time, I’ll try again.

    • Thomas Ross says:

      All you can do is try. Acceptance is tough. To struggle, to make the effort, moment to moment, is all.

    • Robyn Lee says:

      Rustic Recluse, just noticed your comment here on Thomas’ blog…. as someone who has lived with life-altering pain and health issues for now 20 years, I can only say I empathize with your plight. I’ve learned the best my loved ones can do is offer me ‘presence’ and compassion. I also have learned they need to restore and replenish their own energies if they are going to be supportive to me…so i encourage such…. hope this was a tiny bit helpful… Sending prayers your way~Robyn Lee

      • Dear Robyn, thanks for your note. It’s people around me, those I care for, that seem to be harmed by health conditions time and again. I’m at a lost, I want to help but there’s only this much I can do. And I will continue to be supportive regardless. I pray you’ll be better, you’ll stay strong. Take care and thanks for your words.

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